Why in-home tutoring?

We want to create a comfortable environment where learning is easier and the focus is placed on the needs of the student. One-on-one tutoring (whether we’re meeting you at your home or another location) helps lessen the stress, and each session plan is customized for the maximum benefit of the student. By coming to you, we also work around your schedule and set up tutoring sessions at the most convenient available time slots.

Our strategy for success

We all learn differently. How information is taken in and processed changes from one person to the next. During our first meeting, we’ll do a student assessment where we find out a little bit about the student’s personality, how they learn, and what issues we need to tackle. We use that information to find the perfect match for the student out of our awesome team of qualified tutors. Based on the assessment we’ll be able to give an estimate of how much tutoring is necessary, and the assigned tutor will create a plan to get the student where they want to be.