Test Preparation

Testing is a large part of our educational system, so whether you’re studying for your SAT or you need a confidence boost, we can help bolster your understanding of the material and make sure you’re going in prepared. Test prep is often a natural extension of our tutoring services for all of our students who need it, but we will also take students whose only need is short term tutoring for upcoming tests. We tutor in preparation for SATs, ACTs, GEDs, SOLs, and other general tests.

Success stories

One of our students was doing a great job understanding the material that we were teaching her, but whenever it came time to test her in class she would score very poorly. We found out that she was suffering from high test anxiety, a condition that affects nearly 20% of students. To help her deal with her anxiety, we worked with her teacher on solutions, such as giving her a little extra time when necessary and allowing her to work in a more isolated area. As a result, her test scores soon improved a letter grade. Later on, after she had gotten into college, she sent us a picture of her first college-level test score—an A!

Another one of our students came to us just to be tutored before retaking the SAT. We met with him twice a week for two months. The first four weeks we focused on helping him understand the material that he was being tested on, and the last four weeks we shifted the focus to helping him come up with his answers in a timelier manner. As a result, his score on the SAT improved by 100 points.