I started looking into tutoring because I was concerned with my son Austin’s reading comprehension. I chose Flying High for three reasons: their experience, the relationship they build, and because I wanted the best for Austin. They made everything really convenient for us. They are really focused on the success of my child. I was impressed with how much material Ronetta could get through in just one hour of one-on-one tutoring and how much experience Ronetta brought to the table. Flying High In-Home Tutoring didn’t make us sign a long contract, and even gave us activities and resources we could use outside of the tutoring time. They are very open about how much tutoring is needed and whether or not you need to continue with tutoring. I think your kids learn better from an unbiased third party with experience. If we need help again for Austin, I’ll definitely use Flying High again.

Jessica Salazar

Northwestern Mututal

My daughter Alex was having trouble with trigonometry. I’ve used other tutoring agencies before, but did not find great satisfaction. I decided to give Flying High a try for a multitude of reasons. They have reasonable rates, come to my home, work around Alex’s schedule, and provide her with one-on-one attention. I have seen amazing results. It is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt effective. I love that Laura really used Alex’s learning style to teach her, and made her cookies for doing a good job! She went from failing to an A on her next test and continues to get straight A’s. I plan on using Flying High for my son, too. I think that when people are looking for a tutor they should look toward Flying High first because I don’t think they’ll need to look anywhere else.

Christina Minton

Christina L. Minton, Inc. National Tax Services

It’s been wonderful having Matthew tutor Leland. He thrives and does very well under Matthew’s teaching style. I wish I could engage Leland like he does. I asked Lee the other night, “do you like me better as a grandmother or as a teacher?” I already knew the answer would be ‘grandmother.’ Thanks so much for matching Leland up with Matthew! It was a perfect fit!

Pam Knight